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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of services do you offer?
    Lighthouse Golf offers services in all areas of golf course and club operations, and development. We also offer consultation services for residential golf community planning and development.
  2. I’m not sure what I need and I don’t want to bring in expensive consultants who will charge me for something I don’t need. Can I hire you to just take a look at my operation and tell me if you can offer suggestions for quick improvement?
    We specifically offer our “One Day Assessment” as an affordable option for the owner/operator who is unsure if or how much assistance may be required.
  3. What type of experience do you have operating clubs and golf courses?
    We have successfully operated golf courses and clubs of all types including high-end semi-private clubs within golf communities, private clubs, private equity clubs as well as stand-alone daily fee courses. We have worked within resort locations as well as metro areas. In addition to our golf experience we have developed and managed other amenities within communities such as tennis, swim, marina, equestrian, and dining of all types and levels of service.
  4. My golf club is not performing financially as well as I think it should? What would you suggest?
    The first step is to see exactly where you are with a full financial analysis of your operation that we can perform for you. With those results recommendations can be developed.
  5. I need to sell my golf course and want to ensure proper value. What would you suggest?
    Our recommendation would be an initial site visit to assess your operation and determine the condition, and to do a market overview. We would then submit a follow-up report explaining the alternatives available to you.
  6. I’m thinking of building a golf course and not sure the area will support another. Can you help me?
    We offer professional feasibility studies that will give you a complete overview of your market area and the success potential of your proposed project. Very often your lender will require this.
  7. I want to hire a Club General Manager and don’t know the best way to proceed?
    We offer Key Employee searches, recruitment, and training. We can help you through the process as much or as little as you require.
  8. What type of experience do you have planning and building golf courses and residential developments?
    We have planned and developed some of the most respected golf courses and projects in the Southeastern United States from high end resort golf courses to private golf communities to moderately priced daily fee golf courses.
  9.  You mention “Revenue Enhancement Programs” in your offerings. What does that mean?
    Many times after reviewing an operation we find the owner/operator is doing an excellent job of managing his expenses but what he needs is a boost in traffic or new business generation. We look for the options available that will give the client the best opportunity to increase both. Those options could range from something as simple as a new marketing program to a major step such as a facility renovation or addition.
  10. Why should I choose you?
    If you have a problem that you cannot solve yourself then you need outside assistance. So firstly, hire someone before your problem compounds itself. As far as choosing Lighthouse Golf, we represent many years of experience in all fields of golf, club, and residential development and operations. We are not a large firm so you get the principals and not the subordinates and most importantly, you get our attention.

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